IWE Electrical Servcies, started by Iain Woodhouse, has a ten year track record of providing innovative electrical and renewable soultions across North Yorkshire.

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Generate income from your un-used space

Just how much electricity you can generate is dependant on the size of your roof and to some extent your budget. Typical domestic systems are around 2.2kW in size and can provide around 1,833kWh* a year, which is over 40% of the electricity used by a typical household. The larger the area you have, the more panels can be fitted, and therefore the more electricity is generated.

Planning Permission for the majority of properties would not normally be required as solar panels fall within what are known as “permitted development rights,” but we would always ask you to check with your council first.

We will also arrange to have a survey carried out on your roof to ensure that it is strong enough and suitable to have the panels fixed to.

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Our specialities:
Solar PV

Solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity for use in the home or business and/or to export to the National Grid. Solar panels generate electricity by using daylight so it doesn’t have to be a bright sunny day for it to work for you. You can still generate electricity on dull overcast Winter days.

Heat pumps

An air source heat pump offers an alternative way to warm your home as an alternative to gas and oil boilers. They work by taking heat from the air and "boosting" it so the heat can be used to heat your home.

EV chargers

With the sales of fully electric cars set to take off, many people are making the move to electric vehicles. IWE can supply and fit an EV charger at your home for simple, effective charging.

Smart power

Many industrial and agricultural settings have a mix of power sources and IWE are specialists in this area. Not only can they install a renewable energy source, they will integrate with your existing generators to deliver power in the most effective way possible.