The Installation Process - 3.7kWp on roof

1. Fixing the mounting brackets 2. Fixing the solar panels
fixing-mounting-brackets fitting-the-solar-panels
3. The inverter and associated isolation switches 4. The final installation
the-inverter the-final-installation

A 2.88kWp On Roof mounted Solar System

Before After
scarborough-solar-panels-house-before scarborough-solar-panels-house-after

1.14 Solar PV In roof fitted to a new build

garth_view blank

Recent Installations

nov-a nov-b
bungalow_roof_2 lg_panels
flat_roof_1 Mark_Richardson
Mr_West_4kw_lg250 apex

Top 5 reasons to install Solar PV

  • Generate free electricity
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Sound return on your investment
  • Increased value of your home
  • Help to reduce CO2