Where can Solar PV be installed?

A Solar PV system can be installed anywhere and can be “On-roof”, “In-roof” or even free standing.

Ideally the panels should face between south-east and south-west with an elevation of 30- 40° to gain optimum exposure to the suns energy. However even flat roofs receive 90% of the energy of a perfectly placed system and systems placed in other orientations still generate remarkably good amounts of energy.

Planning Permission for the majority of properties would not normally be required as solar panels fall within what are known as “permitted development rights” but we would always ask you to check with your council first.
On Roof In Roof Solar Tiles
On-Roof-System In-Roof Solar-Tiles

Tracker Systems
We will also arrange to have a survey carried out on your roof to ensure that it is strong enough and suitable to have the Panels fixed to.

Tracker systems or Sun Trackers are motorised systems that follow the sun to ensure they produce the maximum amount of energy throughout the day. Although they can be very expensive and have higher maintenance costs than fixed units they do provide 40% more yield than static system giving you optimum returns on your investment.

Commercial Installations

We would be happy to discuss any size of installation and because of our close working relationship with several panel manufacturers we are able to pass preferential prices onto our volume customers.
Free Standing
Free-Standing Free-standing-2

Top 5 reasons to install Solar PV

  • Generate free electricity
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Sound return on your investment
  • Increased value of your home
  • Help to reduce CO2